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1976 Zlin 42MU

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Serial no.: 0059
Registration No.: LZ805
Manufacture year.: 1976
Price.: Inquire
Add Type.: Sale
Aircraft, General.: For Rent / Sale
Made in Czech 15.02.1976
Board number:LZ805
factory number: 0059
TTSN:2420 hours
landings sence new:11279
after overhaul:598 hours
last part overhaul in Dobrich overhaul's factory:17.07.1997
after incident of hard landing!!!

Weights.: Zlin - design: single-engine,
self-supporting low-wing aircraft
Use: Training and sport airplane
Seats: 2
Drive: Avia M-137
Achievement: 180 HP
Maximum speed: 195 MPH
Cruising speed: 140 MPH
Rate of climb: 825 ft./min.
Span: 30 ft.
Length: 23 ft. 3 in.
Height: 8 ft. 10 in.
Wing area: 141.5 ft
Surface loading: 14.3 lb/ft
Empty weight: 1325 lb.
Maximum take-off weight: approx. 2140 lb.
Take-off distance over 50 ft. obstacle: 1,800 ft.
Landing distance over 50 ft. obstacle: 1325 ft.
Range: 375 mi.
Ceiling: approx. 14,000 ft.
G-load: +6/-3
Engines.: engine:M137A
factory Number:694068
TTSN-1287 hours
last control overhaul check 19.12.1997
after overhaul: 21 hours
remaining to overhaul:779 hours
Propeller.: Propeller:V503A
factory number:14053384
TTSN-2482 hours
after overhaul: 278 hours
last overhaul made in
Dobrich overhaul factory:30.03.1992
Seller.: AvioserviceBg LTD
1000 - Sofia
Phone : +359878156430

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