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1992 McDonnel Douglas MD83

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Serial no.: 53xxx
Manufacture year.: 1992
Price.: Inquire
TTAF.: 44000
Add Type.: Sale and wet lease
Available From.: Immediate
TotalLandings.: 34000
Aircraft, General.: MD-83 150Y for sale ready to go now in excellent condition. Delivered A/C fresh Gear/ Fresh C check/EU compliant. Engine LLP's excellent. AUX 7000 galllon tanks.

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Avionics.: EGPWS,Windshear,TCAS, EASA, etc
Interior.: 150Y
Weights.: Maximum Taxi Weight 160,000 lbs
Maximum Take Off Weight 161,000 lbs
Maximum Landing Weight 139,500 lbs
Maximum Zero Fuel Weight 122,000 lbs
Operating Empty Weight 85,625 lbs
Fuel Capacity 46,733 lbs
Engines.: JT8D-219
Auxiliary Power Unit.: GTCP85-98DHF
Seller.: Aero Acquisitions, LLC
Suite 18
06810 - Fairfield County
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